Rev. Jenks and Jim Albright ... Jingle

A new Logos store, Things Above, opened in Graham NC on Friday June12.

(Halfway between Greensboro and Chapel Hill) 


After a storied career as an NCAA Women's Basketball coach, Jane Albright decided to come back to her hometown. An avid reader, when she discovered the two Christian bookstores she had frequented were long gone, the Lord began poking at her to open one herself.


She found a lovely storefront on Court House Square, and the process began.  Her desire was for a place where meaningful conversation could take place, so she decided that partnering coffee with books was the way to go.  All of you know what happened next:  the vision, the logo, the fixtures, the inventory, the supplies, the staffing, the marketing ...


That said, the store has a shabby-chic feel with eclectic, mis-matched fixtures, a long, corrugated metal coffee bar, a natural poly-urethaned concrete floor, plenty of seating including an oak church pew and a color palette of warm grays and teal blues.


Here is Jane's contact information:

Things Above

S E Court House Square
Graham NC  27253


phone: 336.350.7825

facebook: thingsabovegraham